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Kocha Technologies is a software design and engineering partner that helps you build successful tech products.


We assist you in building products with the latest tech capabilities to stay ahead in the race.

Blockchain / Web 3.0

We create decentralized blockchain solutions that provide increased traceability and security of data and transactions.


Built with AI, an application can personalize service delivery, automate business processes, and drive business-specific insights.

Augmented Reality

Our strength is in providing highly innovative and effective augmented reality and virtual reality solutions through cutting-edge technology.


IoT products have the potential to transform every aspect of your business from operations and processes to customers and outcomes.


Let’s launch awesome products

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Working with Kocha was a fantastic experience. They provided an excellent development of our NFT Marketplace to build it and helped us develop our product launch. The team is highly accountable and they're constantly providing feedback or suggestions on how to grow our business. I would recommend them to anyone.

Hussein Hallak, CEO / Founder, Next Decentrum

After I talked to the team at Kocha, they were able to quickly understand our needs and help build us an innovative ordering app. The backend they built helped with all of our order management needs. I can't recommend them enough.

Michael Mattera, CEO / Creative Director, Vegtable